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Apple moves to ban Galaxy Nexus stateside

by on13 February 2012

California court to rule on injunction filing

Patent troll Apple is taking Samsung to court yet again. Cupertino lawyers filed an injunction motion before the California district court last week, seeking to pull the plug on Galaxy Nexus sales.

Apple claims the Nexus violates several patents, including data tapping, slide-to-unlock technology, word completion and unified search functionality. Last time around Apple petitioned a court to kindly ask Samsung to stop making rectangular phones, so this round of the handbag fight seems a bit more down to earth.

Punters believe that Apple has a good chance of proving data tapping infringement, as it already won a similar complaint against HTC. As for the rest of the complaint, it will probably have a bit harder time proving its case. A German court recently turned down Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction along similar lines.

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