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Windows on ARM will ship with Office apps

by on13 February 2012

Goodbye iPad it was nice knowing you

Windows on ARM will include Office 15 apps according to Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky. Sinofsky has just penned a 8,000-plus word blog which details what Vole is up too on its ARM project.

It looks like the software will have some somewhat groovy features which will make it more useful than has been previously stated. Firstly the Windows desktop will still be a part of the whole thing so ARM users will still have access to the desktop and desktop apps. While the apps, of course, will have to be ported to the ARM architecture, it means that Vole is not limiting its tablet to Metro apps.

But what is more important for business users is that Vole is going to include the core Office 15 apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote within Windows on ARM. Sinofsky said the big idea is that Windows on Arm will be a “no-compromise product,” and Microsoft knows that Windows users will want access to the industry-leading productivity apps even on non-x86 desktops and laptops.

This begs the question, why is Microsoft, which makes shedloads off Office going to give it to ARM users for free.  It could be that the apps will be add based, but one wonders what is Vole's cunning plan here. We know that Windows will be heavily integrated with SkyDrive, so Microsoft could indeed be looking for ways to squeeze more cash from Office users. Still it is starting to make Windows 8 on a tablet look jolly attractive.

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