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ITV tells Apple “please do not use our name”

by on13 February 2012

We were here first

UK telly channel ITV has written a nice note to Apple to tell them that it would not be a good idea to use its name for its coming telly hardware.

According to the Daily Telegraph ITV boss Adam Crozier is getting a little concerned that no one at Jobs' Mob is listening to him, He raised the issue with Apple in 2010 when he assumed control of the channel, and at the time received assurances that theiPhone maker wouldn't be muscling in on ITV's name.

Later ITV issued a warning that it would defend its branding if Jobs Mob did not listen.

Now the word on the street is that Apple is going ahead with something which is called the iTV and Canadian telecom companies are already testing it.

Steve Jobs' biography also hinted that the company was beavering away on making a TV set, rocking "the simplest user interface you could imagine". Although the thought of Jobs' Mob controlling what I watch fills me with such horror that I can't imagine that anyone else would want one.

But Apple has already lost a trademark battle in China to an outfit which makes an iPad, if it loses to ITV then that would be an even greater humiliation as it would have an effect on the western world which the China incident would not,

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