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Save data not connected to PS3 Skyrim issues

by on16 February 2012

Bethesda attempts to set the record straight

Todd Howard from Bethesda attempted to clear the air by stating that the issues PlayStation 3 Skyrim players are having are somehow connected to ‘save data’. According to Howard, the development team knew that it could experience a “bad memory” situation, and as a result the team worked very hard on the code to make sure that this problem would not arise; apparently, though, the situation is affecting a very small percentage of users.

According to Howard, the team did a lot more testing on the latest patch that was released. He claims that the latest release is the most solid release for each and every platform. The misconception is that the issues users had were connected to large amounts of save data stored on the system. The version 1.2 patch did take care of a lot of problems for most people, but clearly the patch didn’t work for or help everyone.

The upcoming 1.4 patch will hopefully address the issues that the development team has seen. The development team is convinced that more users will be in a much better situation after this upcoming patch is released, and stability of the title will only continue to improve.

In the meantime, the developers continue to work with the community and examine save data files that have been submitted by players to run down and address the issue. The best news is that the team will continue to work on the problem in order to fix it.

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