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Wii gets Hulu application

by on17 February 2012

Long wait for this to happen

While Netflix has been on the Wii for a long time, Hulu and Hulu Latino are the latest applications that are available from the Wii Shop Channel. It will only be available to U.S. owners to start with; and if it is popular, it might be released in other regions.

Hulu will bring a lot of popular TV shows that Wii owners may not be able to access on their consoles. Still, most consoles and many other devices already offer Hulu as well as a number of other streaming offerings. While it was a long wait, we have to say that it is better late than never.

What it does do, however, is provide a bit of a window into what kind of streaming applications we might see on the Wii U when it is released. We now think it is a safe bet that you will see both Netflix and Hulu on the new platform, with other rumored partner deals said to be coming as part of Nintendo’s more aggressive online sales strategy with the new console.

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