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Transformer Prime TF201 very hard to get in the EU

by on22 February 2012

German market barely has any, US has some

We asked a few etailers and retailers about the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 and what we heard does not sound good for consumers. We were told that at the current €599 euro price with the dock they are almost impossible to buy.

You can order one, but you would end up waiting for quite a while. Nvidia keeps telling us that they are on limited supply due high demand. Tegra 3 is supposed to be the king of tablet CPUs, at least for the time being, and only tablet that has some and comes with Android 4.0 is almost nowhere to be found.

This supply issue is happening just ahead of the iPad 3 launch, and we can bet that Apple will again come with a new tablet that will wipe many Android competitors off their feet. Hopefully we will see some better availability very soon.

At you can get a 32GB version of tablet without a dock for $578 but for some reason the company selling through Amazon wants $226.94 for the dock, which is ridiculously high for a keyboard with few connectors and a battery.

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