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Techdirt hit by fake DCMA notice

by on29 February 2012

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Techdirt has been the target of a fake DMCA takedown of their articles discussing, ironically enough, bogus takedown notices.

Mike Masnick over at Techdirt was looking at ChillingEffects, a website that shows when reported DMCA notice and takedowns take place.  He found that one of his posts that was taken down was a a commentary on why SOPA and the Protect IP Act is a bad idea. The TorrentFreak article that was censored discusses possible mistakes in a large round of website shutdowns.

The article was taken down by the anti-piracy outfit Armovore which appears to have told Google that it infringed the copyright of a pornographic website. Paper Street Cash. The implication is that Big Content and its legions are trying to suppress news stories which inform punters what toe rags they are by slapping false take down notices against them.

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