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OAP uses world's fast Internet connection to dry clothes

by on01 April 2008


40GBPS spin cycle

Sigbritt Lothberg, 75, has an experimental 40GBPS Internet connection installed in her home. But according to press reports she does not use it for downloading, but instead uses the technology to dry her clothes.

Spokesman Hafsteinn Jonsson said that Lothberg - the only 'home user' to experience such incredible line-speed - used the massive router for her washing, because it was a big bit of kit and it got pretty warm.

Her son, optical Internet guru, Peter Lothberg was responsible for the ultra-fast connection, installing a four-slot Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System as part of an experiment to prove how cheap, high capacity fiber optics could run effectively over long distances.

Not put off by the fact that his mum just not use her bandwidth, Lothberg plans to upgrade her to 100 gigabits per second connections. Then she'll be able to dry all her neighbors' laundry, too.
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