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Xbox 360 users get April Fools joke they might want

by on02 April 2008


Where can we pre-order the 360 Wireless Helmet?

A prank of a different sort was delivered in the form of a few new accessories that were jokingly announced for the Xbox 360. New arrivals were to include the Xbox Live Board Game, the Xbox 360 Vintage Edition, the Xbox 360 Recon Edition, and the accessory that had us drooling, the Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet.

The fun first look at this April Fools’ prank Web site really took the concept of having a little fun to the limit. While the Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet was meant to be nothing more than a joke, we have got to say that if they could deliver it at an attractive price point we would be one of the first to get our pre-order in.

We were a bit less excited about the others, but that darned Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet does looks to be something that Microsoft should at least examine the possibility of producing; but the cost of the technology to produce it today would put the price out of reach of most gamers.

Check out the fun by clicking here.

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