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Peter Molyneux quits Lionhead and Microsoft

by on07 March 2012

Wants to go it alone

Peter Molyneux, who is one of the top creative minds on the Xbox software team, is leaving Redmond and Lionhead Studios.

He co-founded Lionhead in 1997. Fable: The Journey is this year's forthcoming Fable game for the Xbox 360 Kinect. Molyneux will continue to be involved in that title as a creative consultant. He will also be quiting his role as the creative head of Microsoft Studios Europe, which primarily consisted of overseeing Lionhead and Rare. Lionhead will be run by studio co-founder Mark Webley. Molyneux will move on to an independent venture, one that ends his tenure at Lionhead.

Microsoft wished Molyneux well, portraying the split as amicable and driven by the game creator. Molyneux, 52, has been making video games at least since his 20s. He started with the god-game Populous, then there was Theme Park and Black & White to follow. He made his games with talented teams: first at Bullfrog Productions, which was bought by EA, and then at Lionhead, which was purchased by Microsoft following the success of the Fable games.

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