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NZXT Switch 810 Full Tower Chassis reviewed

by on13 March 2012


The left side has a large transparent acrylic panel that's mounted on inside latches, so everything is nice and flush.


Note that the panel was protected with nylon covers on both sides.



You'll notice the mesh grills on the bottom of the case, and they reminded us of spoilers on cars. In this case, it helps the case draw fresh air from the bottom.


Perhaps the most interesting part as far as side panels go is the third screw. Two screws are enough to keep the panels in place, but we all usually leave only one just to keep it from opening. This is where the "third screw" comes in - it allows users to open panels quickly and without using tools.

The following photos show NZXT's mechanism for locking side panels. The screw is inside a mechanism that allows for vertical movement. A spring in the mechanism pushes the screw back up after you push it down. All you need to do is pull the screw to the hole and then remove side panels. This is a very practical and useful feature, but still only one of many that make Switch 810 a great case.


The side panels are mounted easily and there is no sliding mechanism, which tends to be problematic. The panel is simply placed into the chassis and fastened with two screws on the other end, or just by the aforementioned third screw if you intend to remove it again soon. The panel edges are thicker to prevent it from warping.


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