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NZXT Switch 810 Full Tower Chassis reviewed

by on13 March 2012


Switch 810 is a computer case that NZXT claims will cater to more demanding gamers and enthusiasts. We would agree with this as the case really left a positive impression, both with its looks and performance. This is despite the fact that our sample suffered from lack of parts. Namely, we didn't  get the hot-swap connector in the hot-swap unit; the optical drive bay bezel was missing and the pivot-fan couldn’t be rotated easily since fan brackets weren't the final, retail versions. Still, we think that Switch 810 is one of the best cases on the market. The case is available in black and white with side window.

Design quality and nice finishing touches are evident both inside and outside the case.

One of the best things about the case is the available room. Switch 810 will take CPU coolers up to 195mm tall, motherboards up to the XL-ATX standard, top panel radiators up to 42cm, etc. Both HDD cages can be taken out and replaced with a 24cm radiator (vertically or horizontally). Gamers usually make sure that a case has enough room for graphics and that it packs good cooling. Thankfully, Switch 810 has enough room to fit 35cm long graphics card (with the interior pivot fan), but if you need more, you can remove the HDD cage, which leaves about 49cm of room.

Switch 810 comes with four stock fans that are quite loud, but other than that their performance is quite good.

We've grown fond of Switch 810 due to its few simple but useful features. The first feature that sets Switch 810 apart from the competition are pivot fans for directing airflow to the VGA and CPU (one stock pivot fan comes on the top HDD cage and helped us in decreasing temperatures on our CPU and GPU). The LED on the rear panel for illuminating the I/O in the dark is great idea. If you tend to change parts often, there's a third screw that will hold the panel in place but still provide simple, easy and quick access. On top of the case you'll find adjustable Hybrid Fins that noticeably reduce noise when closed, or provide maximum airflow when open. We'd advise you to keep the Hybrid Fins closed when the computer is off, in order to keep dust out.

Switch 810 costs €170, which may seem a bit steep at a glance. However, we're talking about NZXT here and it goes without saying that the company's expertise shows. Furthermore, this is a price that we'd gladly pay for excellent and well thought out design and a bunch of options for adding hardware and water cooling. In conclusion, hardcore PC enthusiasts will surely love NZXT's Switch 810, because it simply has everything a gamer might set his mind on.

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