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iPods get an update

by on08 May 2007


Rumour mill turns

Thinksecret is expecting a new version of the iPod to be released any day now.

The new iPod will come with a touch-screen that will take center stage.
Thinksecret admits that its source is unproven, but expects that Apple will show off the new iPod tomorrow, but will hold off on shipping the device until later in June when the iPhone ships.

It could be that the new device will be the new 6G iPod, which might be rolled out earlier than expected.  Thinksecret believes that it seems unlikely that Apple would seek to make an announcement that would draw attention away from its forthcoming iPhone launch.

But what Thinksecret believes is more likely is that Apple will want to show that its touch-screen technology has been perfected and finalised.

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