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More iPad mini rumours emerge

by on14 March 2012

Courtesy of Samsung exec

With the new iPad heading to shops as we speak, rumours of a new iPad mini continue to persist.

However, this time the rumour doesn’t reveal any specific information about the purported 7.85-inch iPad. What makes it interesting is the source.

Speaking to the Korea Times, a Samsung executive spilled the beans on Apple’s shopping spree in Korea. Last year Apple purchased between $7.8 and $9 billion worth of components from Samsung, but the unnamed exec said the contract is expected to hit $11 billion this year as Apple readies to introduce a new, smaller iPad.

This is probably as close as we are going to get to an official confirmation at this point. If an iPad mini is indeed in the works, Apple will probably stay mum for months. However, a high ranking executive from one of Apple’s biggest suppliers seems like a rather good source.

A smaller, cheaper iPad could put a lot of pressure on 7-inch tablets, namely the Kindle Fire and the upcoming Google – Asus tablet. It would also put Apple in the rather awkward position of having to sell a cheap product.

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