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Razer CEO puts 10K up for Wasteland 2

by on15 March 2012

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Says he has been waiting for the sequel

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan is passionate about gaming, as most people know by now. What you don’t know is how intensely passionate about gaming he is. Tan was apparently a big player of Wasteland back in the day; he has been anticipating the sequel so much that he put up $10K of his own money to help get the Kickstarter ball rolling for Wasteland 2.

While 33 days are left for backers to pledge to Wasteland 2, it seems that the project is almost assured to be funded, as Wasteland 2 has raised over $770K, which is close to the goal of $900K (the amount necessary to get the ball rolling).

Tan is not the only one who put up $10K, as five others also ponied up investment cash.

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