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More Nvidia GTX 680 benchmarks leaked

by on16 March 2012

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Multiple games and benches at 1920x1080 8xMSAA

We finally have a first set of leaked Nvidia GTX 680 benchmarks and it looks like all the rumours and info from unnamed sources was pretty much spot  on. Nvidia's 28nm GK104 Kepler based GTX 680 card surely looks like a winner when compared to the HD 7970.

Of course, leaked benchmarks at HKEPC are far from what we would like to see from a comprehensive review but we must take our hat off for that brave reviewer as Nvidia will be far from happy with this. The card is faster than the HD 7970 in all but one benchmark, Call of Duty MW3. All tests were run at 1920x1080 and most of them with 8x Anti-aliasing.

We must note that these tests are a bit unfair due to Nvidia's GPU Boost feature. You can't actually claim that the card is clocked at 1006MHz due to the boost, so we are hoping that reviewers will include overclocked Radeon HD 7970 cards in their official reviews. This should level the playing field.

You can check out the full HKEPC results here, at least if Nvidia doesn't make the site pull them.

 nvidia GK104GPUkepler 1

nvidia GK104GPUkepler 2

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