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Tablet gaming market to hit $3.1bn by 2014

by on20 March 2012

So much for handheld consoles

According to Juniper Research, tablets could be the next big gaming platform. The outfit forecasts that tablet gaming could become a $3.1 billion market by 2014, a six-fold increase in the space of just two years.

It all sounds rather optimistic, but researchers believe new chips with powerful graphics could drive sales through the roof. In addition, tablets have spacious screens and plenty of battery life, making them a much better choice for gaming than smartphones. The larger screens allow developers to integrate proper on-screen controls, which can be an issue on smaller platforms such as mobile phones.

However, their high price is still an issue. Tech enthusiasts are one thing, but few parents are willing to spend $500+ on an oversized toy for their offspring, but cheaper tablets, like the Kindle Fire and Google’s upcoming Nexus/Play tablet could change all this.

Even current generation mobile graphics, namely the SGX54x series, Tegra 2 and Mali 400 tend to offer decent performance, but next generation SGX 543MP4, Tegra 3 or Mali T-604 promise to deliver even more eye candy, in much higher resolutions.

However, we are not sure that some genres will ever work on tablets, but then developers have a lot of room to come up with innovative titles and sub-genres that could put the touch interface and sensors to good use.

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