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Sony is a software pirate

by on04 April 2008


But it is okay, it does not steal music

After hauling children, the elderly and the dead into court and accusing them of being terrorists for file sharing its music, popular beat combo distributor Sony BMG is being hauled into court for software piracy.

French company PointDev, which makes applications for Microsoft Windows, said that Sony BMG computers are packed with pirated versions of its software installed, and it wants $514,910 compensation.

Apparently, the theft was discovered when a Sony employee rang up technical support asking for help using a pirated product key. A raid on the French offices of Sony BMG in January revealed that almost half of the software used by the company may be unlawfully installed, according to the report.

So far, Sony has not commented on the allegations.

A translation of the story can be found here.
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