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Amazon wants you to buy using your mobile

by on04 April 2008


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has introduced a new service that means you will be able to buy stuff from the online bookseller using your mobile.

TextBuyIt means that punters armed with mobiles and an Amazon account can find and buy products through Amazon's Web site. Howard Gefen, Director of Amazon Mobile Payments, told Information Week that you will be able use the system to buy a performer's CD  if you're walking out of a concert, although if you walked out we wonder why you would want to buy the music.

Amazon promises that using only text messages, a customer can find a product and purchase it through his or her mobile phone in less than a minute. First ,you send a text message to "AMAZON" (262966) with the name of a product or a search term. Amazon replies with an array of options to buy one or more items, to request more information about any of the listed items, or to get help.

Once a text message order is received, Amazon will call the customer's phone and ask the customer to either confirm or cancel the order.

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