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Apple forced to give iPad users a refund

by on29 March 2012

Yeah we did lie in our advertising

Apple has said it will refund the cash of anyone unfortunate to believe in its iPad advertising down under. In Australia Jobs Mob told its fanboy base that the new iPad runs on 4G. While Australia does have a 4G network available, the iPad does not work on any of them and any users would have to travel to the US to use it properly. 

It is not really fair to expect an Apple fanboy to fly to the US everytime they want to read their email and the  Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ruled that the advertisement was not fair and accused Jobs' Mob of misleading advertising. It demanded that that Apple correct its ads, refund any affected buyers and impose penalties.

Apple barrister Paul Anastassiou told the Federal Court in Melbourne that the company would send emails to all Australian buyers to date, offering the refund. We dont think it will lose much money on the deal. After all once someone has bought anything they never really want to send it back. But this is the second time since Jobs croaked that Apple has been caught short changing user expectations. When the iPhone4S came out in Europe the much advertised Siri failed to provide the sort of search answers that many wanted.

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