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ICS on 2.9 percent of Android devices

by on03 April 2012

And it took just five months

According to the latest statistics, the share of Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich is finally starting to pick up.

An estimated 2.9 percent of all active Android devices now run ICS, which is a pretty good improvement over the previously reported 1.6 percent, but at the same time it is an embarrassingly low percentage. To put things in perspective, most public polls and surveys have a margin of error is 3 percent. Although we are talking about more or less exact figures in this case, 2.9 percent is still pretty low.

Most users are still stuck with Gingerbread and its share is increasing. The Froyo and Éclair share is dropping and older versions have negligible shares. The number of Honeycomb devices is also relatively low and very few of them got ICS updates.

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