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New One X OTA update to significantly improve battery

by on09 April 2012

1.27 coming soon

If you were lucky to get an HTC One X, the first Tegra 3 phone with Sense 4, you are probably running 1.26 firmware on it. It works quite stable and fine, but we are hearing that 1.27 has massive battery life increase.
Some chaps in Holland and France have reported that they got it and you can see here that they got some insanely cool battery life improvements with the new firmware.

We spoke with German representatives of HTC and they informed us that OTA 1.27 might be rolling out some devices in DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) this week. Other sources are telling us that most regions in Europe are going to start revel on Tuesday, after the Easter break. There are no reports about performance increase, but HTC probably managed to polish some software parts on this already insanely fast phone.

In early testing we used an HTC One X with 1.26 software and we got more than 23 hours of battery life on a single charge. We used some internet, browsing, viber, messaging and of course voice calls. If it gets better than that, it sounds like a sweet deal.

Let’s hope you get it before Tuesday, use comments to let us know if you are one of the lucky ones to get it. We are still waiting for the OTA 1.27 update.

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