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Intel's new OS hope is Tizen

by on10 April 2012

LiMo meets MeeGo

It is not all Windows 8 and Android support for Intel. MeeGo might have been abandoned by Nokia in favor of huge investment from Microsoft, but Intel will continue to develop MeeGo and it will also add Tizen to its OS effort.

Tizen is a free open source mobile operating system based on Linux and backed up by Linux foundation. Tizen is planned to work on Atom N2800 and N2600 processors or simply said Cedar Trail platform and it was supposed to be out of Beta by end of Q1 2012. If all goes according to schedule it will reach its gold status by mid of Q2 2012. At some point it will also get an application store too, but release schedule is yet to be set in stone.

Intel believes that Tizen combines the communities and best technologies under one unified environment. MeeGo is supposed to have Strong developer community and LiMo should bring broad service provider support to this marriage. They will have strong support for HTML 5 and WAC (wholesale application community ).

Tizen is supposed to work on ARM as well as on x86 and we can expect the first devices, or at least prototypes, to show up by the end of the year. Once it gets out it should cover mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, smart TVs and in-vehicle entertainment systems.

Let’s hope that this effort succeeds better than Maemo (part of Tizen now) MeeGo. Intel’s MobLin is also a part of Tizen now. It’s interesting to mention that Tizen was born out of Samsung’s Linux Platform.

Last modified on 10 April 2012
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