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Raspberry Pi gets CE certification

by on10 April 2012

Red tape caused delay

After being delayed the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that its hardware has completed testing for CE as well as FCC compliance.

The gear has also been certified for use in Australia and Canada. CE compliance, shows the device meets criteria for devices sold in the European Economic Area. Initially, the Raspberry Pi Foundation believed it did not need a CE mark as it was not offering the device as consumer product.

The foundation was told by RS Components and element14 that they could not distribute the board until it had the mark, and so the foundation set about getting it tested for compliance with Europe, US, Australia and Canada's regulations.

No hardware modifications were necessary to pass the tests which means that, after the paperwork has been finished, the Raspberry Pi should finally be ready for distribution. There has been no further update from the foundation on actual ship dates.

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