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AMD's Cheng goes to Synaptics

by on17 April 2012

Joins Rick Bergman

Godfrey Cheng who recently quit AMD has joined Rick Bergman, another ex-AMDer, at rival Synaptics as a VP of Marketing.

Cheng came to AMD from ATI side to be a Director of Technical Marketing for AMD's client technologies. He worked on everything from All in Wonder to UVD to CrossFire.

According to Anand Tech the move could be an attempt to  build a first-generation Holodeck to act as an interface. Godfrey and Bergman were all involved in this particular project and might have been motivated by the potential for a company focused approach to human interfaces, the article claims.

Of course they could both be there because Synaptics has a better cafeteria, health plan, or drinks cabinet too. 

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