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HTC One HD 1080p DLNA streaming box ships next month

by on20 April 2012

Car kit in 22 to 25 days

HTC’s flagship One X is out and even the highly anticipated 1.28 software update is also rolling out. LG is still working to ship its Optimus 4X HD in any color and so far this is the only Tegra 3 phone available on the market.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S III in a couple of weeks and competition in the superphone segment is heating up. So let’s look at some accessories shall we? Some things are still missing as currently you cannot get any HTC official accessories. Primarily you will need a HTC Medial Link HD for HTC One X DG H200 in order to play full 1080p video via DLNA on your TV. In the UK it will sell for £79.99 plus shipping fee.

HTC One X Car upgrade kit CAR D110 also looks interesting especially as this phone is much faster than any external navigation available today, and it definitely has better display then all of them. The car kit is priced at £44.99.

HTC One X Desktop Cradle with Speaker CR S650 will let you charge your phone by simply putting it into this cradle and if you order one today you can get one for £44.99 in 15 days on express order or 17 to 18 days with normal shipping.

HTC One X Clear Hard Shell with White Flip HC V701 is currently in stock selling for £19.99 while the other HTC One X Hard Shell HC C700 is coming at later date for £17.99 We asked HTC Germany to comment when you can expect to see these accessories and they told us that they expect them within less than a month from now.

They are all listed with German prices here and UK prices here.

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