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Trinity chips tip up in two Asus notebooks

by on22 April 2012

A8-4500M and A6-4400M

Several retailers have posted early listings for a couple of Asus notebooks, but theses run of the mill 15.6- and 17.3-inchers are powered by AMD’s new Trinity APUs.

The 15.6-inch A55DR packs an A8-4500M APU, but sadly we don’t have the exact spec just yet. The new chip is a quad-core and it is said to be 35W part, but we don’t know the clocks just yet. The rest of the spec is nothing breathtaking. The A55DR features HD 7470M discrete graphics, 8GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive and it is priced at €599, but you can’t buy one just yet as availability is expected in a few weeks.

The 17.3-inch A75DE rocks an A6-4400M APU, a 2.6GHz dual-core with discrete HD 7670M graphics. It features 6GB of RAM and 750GB of storage and it is priced at €550 to €590 depending on the retailer/market. Availability is expected in mid-May, so it coincides with the rumoured Trinity launch date, May 15.

Since both models appear to feature discrete graphics, it is worth mentioning that Trinity APUs also have very good on-die graphics as well. The A6-4400M is said to feature HD7520G graphics, based on AMD’s new VLIW4 architecture. Sadly we don’t know the exact clocks. As for the A8-4500M, we are not entirely sure about the GPU so we would not like to speculate, but we will try to find out more.

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