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Galaxy Nexus slips to €359

by on23 April 2012

Deal of the Day: The cheapest superphone out there

The first Android 4.0 superphone has dropped to just €359, making it the best deal in the high end smartphone market.

Several German retailers have dropped their prices and the Galaxy Nexus is also available for €369 in Austria. We won’t waste any time on specs, but it is worth noting that the price cut makes it the cheapest 720p phone on the market.

Although some may complain about the underwhelming 5MP camera, or the cramped 16GB of internal storage, the Galaxy Nexus still sounds like the best deal out there.

For comparison, Sony’s Xperia S sells for about €430, HTC’s flagship One X goes for about €550 and Samsung’s huge Note N7000 16GB costs €430. Yes, the One X is better, but it costs about €200 more, so it is hardly in the same league.

You can check out the listings here.

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