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Sony readies a few interesting Xperia extras

by on23 April 2012

From Dick Tracy watch to smart wireless headset

Sony is hoping to get back into the smartphone market in a big way, thanks to its new Xperia NXT series.

The phones themselves seem to have what it takes. The Xperia S is one of the cheapest high-end devices, the upcoming Xperia P features an aluminium unibody design and the tiny Xperia U will be the cheapest dual-core phone once it hits retail. Let’s not forget the floating touch Xperia Sola, either.

So, Sony has a pretty good lineup and surprisingly good prices across the range. However, the company is also offering a bunch of clever extras that could get some traction, but they did not get a lot of coverage.


We already wrote about the SmartWatch, or Dick Tracy watch. This gimmick allows you to control your toys from the wrist and in spite of the price it might find some takers. Granted, most people will probably find it awkward, but still it is an interesting idea, especially for avid joggers and bikers. The only real issue is the price. At €129 it is pretty pricey for a toy.


Back in the early days of Walkman phones, Sony was renowned for bundling great headphones with its phones. Sadly it has dropped the ball and the competition caught up. However, Sony is now raising the bar once again. The company is offering several aftermarket sets, and it will soon introduce an impressive Bluetooth system, dubbed Smart Wireless Headset pro.


More traditional (and cheaper) headsets are also available.


Lastly, Sony is also selling NFC tags for €15 and they could come in handy for some users. The Xperia P will also get a media dock once it launches in May.

On the whole this is a pretty good effort on Sony’s part and although the company will probably find few takers for the pricey SmartWatch or the Xperia P media dock, quite a few users might opt for “smart” headsets or NFC tags.

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