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Sarkozy rout could kill three strikes law

by on23 April 2012

Hollande hates HADOPI

French President Nickolas Sarkozy might be regretting the day that he listened to the mates of his leggy wife and bought in the three strikes anti-piracy law.

The HADOPI law, which made France the belle of Big Content, and meant that the somewhat short Sarkozy could rub shoulders with very tall movie stars, might have helped bring him down. Today's polls put Francois Hollande 27.7 per cent, Sarkozy 26.6 per cent and in third place, the far-right is doing better than they ever have before, with candidate Marine Le Pen at 20 per cent.

Hollande is likely to win and in the past he has opposed some aspects of HADOPI. He is also expected to pull France out of ACTA  which he said ÔÇťoriginally intended to combat counterfeiting trade was gradually diverted from its objective, in the utmost discretion and without any democratic process."

He recently made a speech to say HADOPI should neither be repealed nor replaced, but re-organized. He has stated several times that he is strongly against piracy. "Piracy, has been costly", Hollande said, "but I do not think that law enforcement alone is the answer to the problem".

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