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Ad system Phorm stepping on E.U. regulations

by on10 April 2008


You won't phorm us!


Phorm, the ad-targeting system that was dubiously advertised as an ad system that protects users' privacy, ran into some static, in Europe at least. The Information Commissioner Office (ICO) is demanding that users must willingly chose to enroll in such a system because of the European data protection laws.

Well, Phorm was supposed to work in a way where you have to explicitly choose not to use its "services,“ whereas ICO demands that should be vice versa.

The ICO wrote: "This strongly supports the view that Phorm products will have to operate on an opt in basis to use traffic data as part of the process of returning relevant targeted marketing to internet users."

Well, as far as "relevant targeted marketing“ goes, can any of you seriously think of the last time you've seen a relevant ad on a Website?

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Last modified on 10 April 2008
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