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AMD to wait for Computex with HD 7990

by on25 April 2012

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Dual Tahiti comes in June

Despite the fact that we are four days away from what appears to be an official announcement of Nvidia GTX 690, a dual Kepler GK104 graphics card, it appears that AMD will wait for June with its dual Tahiti GPU, a.k.a. HD 7990.

According to a post over at, it appears that AMD will wait with the launch of HD 7990 and leave the official announcement for Computex 2012 show, which kicks off in Taipei on June 5th. We have been asking about HD 7990 since day one, and partners still claim that there hasn't been any info regarding the card.

The only piece of info that leaked is that HD 7990 will most likely be based on two fully enabled Tahiti GPUs. This means that we are looking at a graphics card with a total of 4096 stream processors and 6GB of GDDR5 memory. AMD has a lot of room to maneuvre when it comes to card clocks and is probably waiting to see the actual performance of Nvidia's GTX 690 and adjust the card accordingly.

If these dates prove to be true, Nvidia's GTX 690 won't have an AMD counterpart for only a month.

You can check out the post here.


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