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Corsair goes "green" with PSUs

by on11 April 2008


80 PLUS certification


Mother Earth
loving Corsair has announced that its PSUs have been awarded with 80 PLUS certification. The PSUs included comes from the HX, TX and value VX series.

The 80 PLUS certification means that a PSU is at least 80 percent efficient at 20, 50 and 100 percent load. According to Corsair's press release, this should also bring reduced heat output and more silent, lower RPM fans for cooling these PSUs. Of course, this is done while saving penguins and polar bears.

The specific models are Corsair's high-end HX520W, HX620W and HX1000W models, the mid-range TX650W and TX750W and finally the VX450W and VX550W from the value series. Corsair's PSU are backed up with a five-year warranty.


Last modified on 11 April 2008
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