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MSI Wind PC to cost ?299-699

by on14 April 2008


8.9 and 10-inch display options

Although we're still a couple of months away from the launch of the Wind PC from MSI, Digitimes has managed to score some pricing details of this upcoming UMPC, and it looks like the Eee PC just got some serious competition.

If Digitimes is correct, then the Wind PC will start at €299, which is a great price, although this would be a fairly basic model with a 1GHz Atom processor, according to Engadget.

Engadget goes on to say that there will be models with clock speeds of up to 1.6GHz and a choice between 2.5-inch hard drives and SSD for storage. Although in this case, SSD is most likely going to be for the entry level models at 2, 4 or 8GB, very much as with the Eee PC.

Although both the 8.9 and 10-inch displays are said to feature 1,024x768 resolution, we have a feeling that this isn't correct, as both models should feature 16:10 and not 4:3 aspect ratio displays; and as such we would expect to see 1,024x600, but this is still a lot better than the Eee PC's 800x480.

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