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HP warns of large scale cyber war

by on09 May 2012

Could be worse than 9/11

Maker of expensive printer ink, HP's CEO Meg Whitman warned that organisations need to prepare for a lobal cyber-attack that could have large-scale repercussions.

Whitman believes a "cyber-attack of 9/11 scale" is likely to take place in the near future. Customers need to be aware of the "threat of global terrorism" and promised that HP would be on hand to help when such an attack does occur.

Channelling Margaret Thatcher she threatened to ‚Äúdarken the skies with our agenda to help organisations."  We are not sure what use a dark agenda would be, but hell it probably sounded better during the rehearsals. Needless to say HP is trying to position itself as a leader in the security market where it thinks there is a market for dark agendas.

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