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Wallpaper blocks out the Wi-Fi

by on10 May 2012

Ideal for tinfoil hat wearers

Boffins have come up with a new type of wallpaper which blocks wi-fi signals. The paper, which has been developed by scientists from the "institut polytechnique Grenoble INP" and the "Centre Technique du Papier", will go on sale in 2013. It is a normal wallpaper which contains silver particles that allows it to filter out up to three different frequencies.

It is the second type of paper that has come out like this.  BAE Systems come up with a similar idea which used copper instead of silver and blocked Wi-Fi signals while letting phone calls through. At the time though it cost £500 whereas the Wi-Fi wallpaper devised by the French researchers should be priced reasonably, with costs matching those of a "classic", mid-range wallpaper.

The wallpaper is made up of interlocked snow flake-like patterns which can be covered up with any other wallpaper of your choice. And there are even talks of using the technology in floors and ceiling to prevent Wi-Fi signals from leaking through the two remaining sides of any rooms.

While it will be used by those who normally wear tin foil hats, it could be used to stop hackers from penetrating your network, the anti Wi-Fi wallpaper could be useful in hospitals and anywhere where Wi-Fi signals could be considered as harmful and theatres to stop idiots shouting in the movie.

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