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CellFactor arrives at last

by on09 May 2007


Ageia PhysX has a chance

The first real PhysX game - CellFactor - has finally been made available to the public and for anyone with a PhysX card, this is great news. Sure, it's not the first games to support the PhysX cards, but it's the first game that has been developed from scratch with hardware PPU support.

PC Perspective has a preview of the game and judging by the benchmarks, it seems like you get quite a performance boost with a PhysX card for the first time ever in a game. The average FPS at 1,600 x 1,200 without the PPU fitted was somewhere between 8 and 10 FPS and that was using a Core 2 Extreme X6800 with 2GB or RAM and a Radeon X1950 XTX graphics card. Slot in the PhysX card and the average FPS went up to 25 to 32 FPS.

Neither result seems that impressive on such a fast system, but it clear that CellFactor is a system hungry game. The upside to this story is that the game is free, so what are you waiting for, go and download it now.

You can read the PC Perspective preview here and there are some more screen shots over at WorthPlaying and you can download the game from here and you can find the official press release from Ageia here

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