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Samsung unveils Galaxy S III accessories

by on14 May 2012

Clever flip cover, stylus and dock

Samsung is rolling out a few interesting accessories for its new flagship handset and stylus lovers everywhere will be happy to learn that a C-Pen  is in the works.


Of course, the capacitive C-Pen is somewhat different than the S-Pen used in the Galaxy Note, it is a bit beefier and it is not housed in the phone itself, but we think it looks lovely.


Then there is the flip cover, a pretty clever accessory that replaces the phone’s back panel and protects the screen with little extra bulk. It looks perfect for careless users.


Samsung will also offer a battery charger dock with a micro-USB port and a Wi-Fi display hub, with a full-sized HDMI port. The S-Pebble MP3 player is also on the way, although we are still not sure why you would need a standalone MP3 player with a high-end smartphone.


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