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Brits unable to comply with cookie law

by on17 May 2012

Do as we say not what we do

Despite the fact that the US government has been forcing others to comply with tough new privacy laws the "majority" of the UK government's own websites will fail to comply in time.

All UK sites have been given until 26 May to make sure visitors are able to give "informed consent" over cookies. The Cabinet Office said the government was working to achieve compliance at the earliest possible date but it was starting to look like a long of them will not make it.

Consent will most likely be obtained by ticking a "yes" box when visiting a site. While the regulations are designed to protect user privacy when using the web seem fair enough, it seems that the British government, which has had to make shedloads of cuts on its IT budget will not be ready in time.

The sites, which range from those run by local councils to national departments, have been told that no action will be taken by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).  All they will have to do is show they are still committed.

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