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Jobs helped design iPhone 5

by on21 May 2012

Just in case you were worried

The tame Apple press is rushing to re-assure Apple fanboys that the next iPhone version was actually designed by its Messiah Steve Jobs.

Many feared that Apple will go down hill after Jobs' died and would start designing things which looked like it came from IBM in the 1970s. But according to Bloomberg Steve Jobs played a major part in designing the iPhone 5, with its larger display. There is no proof for this of course.  Jobs was supposed to have had a hand with the iPhone4S but that looked the same as the iPhone 4.

Apparently rather than spending his last weeks dying he was designing a smartphone which would be “ahead of its time” before it was even released. Although if it has bigger screen, then it is not exactly difficult to design. iPhone bigger - yeah I think I could have done that.

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