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Daft teens use Facebook, Twitter behind the wheel

by on23 May 2012

Natural selection always finds a way

According to the Royal Automobile Club, as many as one fifth of young drivers, aged 17 to 24, use Facebook and Twitter while driving.

RAC road safety experts say the trend is getting even worse, since using a smartphone behind the wheel is not as socially unacceptable as drunk driving. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, 11 percent of youths admitted to toying with other apps, browsing, listening to music or playing games while driving.

Not to be outdone by their geeky friends, an increasing number of drug loving teens are also taking their habit on the road. The number of stoned 17 to 24-year-olds behind the wheel jumped from five to nine percent since the last survey.

However, researchers warn that using social networks while driving is even more dangerous than smoking a little pot. So here’s a Fudzilla tip – if you absolutely have to get wasted and tell the world about it while you are doing it, just get a bloody cab.

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