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Germans decide Motorola infringed Microsoft's patents

by on25 May 2012

Patent wars in Europe continue

A German court has ruled that Motorola Mobility infringed Microsoft patents. The patent in question was to do with an option to send a longer text in a batch of several messages.

It was all part of a campaign by Microsoft to get Motorola to pay for licenses on its Android operating system. Microsoft claims that there are bits of Android which use its ideas and it makes a lot of dosh off from providing Android hardware makers with protection. Motorola, which was recently bought by Google, said: "We expect a written decision from the court on June 1 and upon review, will explore all options including appeal."

The same regional court in the city of Munich on Thursday rejected a complaint by Microsoft against Motorola Mobility's use of a software feature called program localisation. Motorola Mobility, in turn, is currently suing Microsoft in the U.S. over features in the Xbox gaming console and has managed to get the console banned from US shops.

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