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BBC mistakes Halo logo for UN Security Council one

by on30 May 2012

UN Space Command is in Syria, apparently

Well technically, Syria can be thought of as space, and UN can be considered Space Command, because they sure ain’t doing nothing down here. However, that’s still not enough to erase BBC’s flop when they mistook Halo’s in-game logo of UN Space Command for the actual UN Security Council one.

It is said that the mistake was simply a Google search that went wrong.  Indeed, UN Security Council uses an adapted UN logo, so Googling “UNSC logo” mostly results in the Halo ones.

BBC apologized for the mistake, conceding that mistakes occasionally happen. The station confirmed that the logo was not aired in later news.

The news piece was about Amnesty International’s criticism of UN’s mission in Syria. To be fair, it was right to take the logo off as it would’ve probably caused false hopes, because even imaginary organizations such as Space Command would be more helpful in conflict solving than the UN. And trust me, I know that firsthand.

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