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Point of View/TGT GTX 670 Ultra Charged reviewed

by on31 May 2012


So far, PoV/TGT GTX 670 Ultra Charged is the fastest model by this Nvidia’s partner. We still haven’t seen the GTX 670 Beast, but we suppose that if there is one, TGT will probably opt for a better cooling solution than the reference one. In fact, the cooler is the only thing we’d change on the GTX 670 Ultra Charged. Namely, the reference cooler is working pretty hard, since it has to cool the GPU that runs at almost 1GHz. As a result, we have a card that’s noisier than the reference one. The fan can be heard well and is one inch from being called loud.

As far as performance goes, the GTX 670 Ultra Charged is a card you’ll definitely love. Gaming at high resolutions was pleasant. In fact, at times we felt as if it was GTX 680 in our rig. Just to make sure we’re not imagining things, we overclocked the GPU and memory, which helped the GTX 670 UC actually outpace the GTX 680.

We checked out EU prices and saw that GTX 670 availability is quite good, especially in German region. However, the high demand brought about varied pricing and the card starts at €340 all the way up to €430. Point of View / TGT dangerously approached this limit and its card is priced at €418.

PoV/TGT GTX 670 Ultra Charged’s results clearly show that gamers will love this card, although they may not feel the same about pricing. It may be wisest to wait a bit for availability and AMD to bring about Nvidia’s price adjustments, but if you’re impatient to get your mitts on this card, you definitely won’t make a mistake.

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Last modified on 16 August 2012
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