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Asus Eee PC 900 officially announced

by on16 April 2008


Updated: Strange storage configuration

Asus has finally announced the Eee PC 900, although it will still take some time before it hits shop shelves and e-tailers around the world for those waiting to get their hands on this new model with a 8.9-in display with 1,024x600 resolution.

It's using the same underclocked 900MHz Celeron processor as the Eee PC 700-series and it will also retain the 4GB of onboard storage memory, with the additional storage memory being fitted into the PCIe slot as either an 8 or a 16GB SSD module.

This is bad news for all the modders out there, as it means that the empty PCIe slot is now gone, which limits the upgrade options seen on many modified Eee PC 700s. We're still not sure why the Windows XP version only gets an additional 8GB while the Linux model gets 16GB.

The Eee PC 900 also has a new touch pad featuring what Asus calls FingerGlide, which is a multi-touch touch pad. The Webcam has also been upgraded to 1.3Mpixels. 1GB of DDR2 memory will be fitted as standard, which is a nice upgrade as well, although the XP version could really do with 2GB.

The Eee PC 900 will be available in black or white, at least initally, and it will also come with 802.11b/g WiFi, a D-sub connector, three USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot, 10/100Mbit Ethernet and a headphone and mic jack.

It will weigh in at 990g and it has the same dimensions as the Eee PC 700-series, since it's more or less using the same chassis. It comes with the 4-cell battery as standard, but  according bit-tech, a 6-cell battery will also be available. bit-tech is quoting a UK price of £329 which equates to about €409/US$646.

You can find the press release here

Update: It seems that Asus pulled the press release just as we posted this news post, and according to a forum reply from one of the chaps at bit-tech the official launch date is the first of May.

Last modified on 16 April 2008
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