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Texas Instruments releases promising OMAP5 figures

by on05 June 2012

Benches place it ahead of Apple’s A5X

Texas Instruments has released the first official performance figures for its next generation OMAP5 chips and the results seem quite promising.

The OMAP 5430 is a 28nm part, featuring two A15 cores and SGX544MP2 graphics, so it is hardly surprising that it outpaces existing chips, based on A9 cores.

In TI’s tests, the new chip outperformed the “market-leading tablet” or should we say the new iPad, powered by an A5X SoC. In GLBenchmark 2.5 off-screen tests, OMAP 5 scored 45fps, while the “market-leading tablet” got 43. The old OMAP 4470 scored 19fps.

However the figures are sketchy to say the least and we will have to wait a while before we see how the new OMAP compares to Qualcomm’s S4, or quad-cores from Samsung and Nvidia.

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