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Harrison says Microsoft still focused on gamers

by on14 June 2012

Despite perception from E3 that it is no longer first

With all of the talk by gamers seeing the Microsoft E3 press conference and claiming that Microsoft is no longer making games and gaming its top priority, Phil Harrison from Microsoft has attempted to debunk that claim.

Harrison has said that despite the various non-gaming related content being added to the Xbox 360, the company is not casting aside gamers. Still, Harrison has admitted that, “…entertainment consumption on the console is higher than games, but game consumption is going up on the console as well.” The entertainment side is growing, and it is the belief that this is due to casual gamers and those gamers in-between the hardcore gamers that are using the console for entertainment beyond typical video games.

Still, Microsoft is eager to point out that all of the top franchises for the Xbox 360 are getting new titles that were already announced and were seen for the first time at E3. Dance Central, Forza, Fable, Gears of War and (of course) Halo are all getting new titles in their respective franchises. While some gamers are complaining, that is still a very respectable list of titles that are coming to the console yet this year.

No matter, many of you have written to us expressing your concern that Microsoft is moving in a new direction and away from the focus on gaming as its top priority; and we understand your point of view. There are a number of reasons why this is happening, but with increased entertainment use of the console outside of gaming Microsoft sees a window here and wants to keep its customers happy.

Also, the cost and risk associated with gamers continues to increase, and that is contributing to the situation where publishers are releasing titles that are not meeting sales targets (which equals a loss for the company). Right now, there isn’t a sure fire formula to make a title successful, but the risk is much less in the entertainment realm for Microsoft; so it is understandable that they find it easier to satisfy that audience.

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