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Nvidia responds to Linus bash and finger

by on19 June 2012

Says criticism is misplaced, offers some facts to prove it

It did not take long for Nvidia to respond to a rather interesting and colorful rant by Linux prophet Linus Torvalds and the graphics giant fired off an official statement this morning.

Nvidia stressed that supporting Linux is important for the company and that it is “passionate about delivering and awesome GPU experience.” The company also noted that the community rallied to work on the Bumblebee Open Source Project in an effort to bring proper support for Optimus technology to Linux.

“While we understand that some people would prefer us to provide detailed documentation on all of our GPU internals, or be more active in Linux kernel community development discussions, we have made a decision to support Linux on our GPUs by leveraging NVIDIA common code, rather than the Linux common infrastructure.  While this may not please everyone, it does allow us to provide the most consistent GPU experience to our customers, regardless of platform or operating system,” said Nvidia.

Nvidia went on to point out that Linux users benefit from same-day support for new GPUs and that it regularly updates Linux drivers, ranging from entry level to Quadro cards.

Interestingly, Nvidia claims that it is very active in ARM Linux kernel development and that it ranks second in terms of total lines of code changed.

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