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Apple locks down its phone with new connector

by on22 June 2012

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It is starting to look like Apple is going to bring in a smaller dock connector on the next iPhone. The move means that Apple keeps a tighter control on the gadgets that plug into the iPhone.

TechCrunch yesterday confirmed with three independent manufacturers that a new 19-pin port will definitely be used. This means that accessories using the 30-pin connector will be obsolete and mean that people will have to buy new ones. But it seems that the new power connector will have a chip on both ends of the cable, giving Apple total control and leaving device manufacturers unable to make unlicensed third-party accessories.

According to TechCrunch cables will dock with the port on the new iPhone magnetically, making it easier for users and ensuring a more durable cable. The smaller connector will allow Apple to make the device physically thinner. But once again it is a tradeoff for iPhone owners who once again are shafted by Apple's control freakish behavior.

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