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Security experts dismiss cyberterrorism

by on18 April 2008


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Security experts have dismissed cyberterrorism as a myth, but have called for greater cooperation to fight threats to computer networks.

Stephen Cummings, Director of the government's Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, said he had seen no evidence to suggest terrorists were bent on using cyberattacks to generate the same devastating impact as their physical attacks. He said cyberterrorism distracts from the more pressing terrorist threats, which are still physical. Cummings warned that if people talk about  cyberterrorism enough, maybe the terrorists will twig on to its potential.

Husin Jazri, director of CyberSecurity Malaysia said that no one country can stand alone in facing cyberattacks and threats. Cyberspace is borderless and the attack usually does not originate from within. He called for governments and their computer emergency response teams to set up "pre-emptive arrangements" to cope with potential attacks.
Last modified on 18 April 2008
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